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WE Network

The Eco Village Engine

A hybrid structure of alternative building methods such as Palletable Cobbins, aircrete/cobb and Earthships. The main thing is that they are built and fueled with trash.

I'm gathering low income and homeless families together in numerous locations nationwide that will collectively fund and build Gaian Villages.

One of our biggest concerns is the amount of waste we humans create. One research's alternative ways to achieve sustainability while also providing off-grid, Eco homes and jobs to low-income families and members.

This means we are putting to use plans for free energy, free clean water, free organic safe food, free AC/Heat & even free building materials to make these families a dream home for free!

At WE Network, our goal is to research natural lifestyles, not to exclude the internet or technology, but to make a life where you can be guilt-free of hurting the future for our children.

By utilizing the research of logical methods for sustainable living, we are establishing a healthier relationship for living with the earth & our communities.

So we are researching ways to consume our own trash and then even more from any of our neighboring towns, resulting in symbiotic benefits. It's like we'll be creating a vacuum surrounding our villages, to suck up our kind of fuel-TRASH!

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