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Our inspiration for us to achieve our RBE Village that would be welcomed into society is to create a Co-op Village that has shops that teach & demonstrates, while also providing their Co-op Services that demonstrate our ways of living sustainably, A couple of hundred miles away is Silver Dollar City, These are the excerpts from their site to help you to understand our vision for our village,

Demonstrating Craftsmen What makes Silver Dollar City so unique? While the scenery, rides, food and atmosphere are all distinct, what really sets us apart are our demonstrating craftsmen. The effortless skill that these artisans display is breathtaking and worth the price of admission alone. Where else can you watch a woodworker carve life-like wooden figures or see a glassblower create delicate works of art or a candy maker craft incredible edibles right before your eyes? Silver Dollar City specializes in entertainment but we also…
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    Earth Elder-Live In Permaculture Technician Last Updated On: April 8th, 2023 at 12:37PM MST 603×653 432 KB General Farm Description: We have a small farm in the southeast Missouri Ozarks where we grow organic vegetables and raise numerous free-range livestock. Forest Farm and Co-op Farm Manager Location: Clubb, MO Positions are also available in every state for other villages that are starting- see our website for those locations* Job Description We are looking for someone who is passionate about regenerative agriculture, has experience farming and building farm infrastructure projects, is highly systematic, and is not intimidated by learning new things. We need an independent worker who can work closely with the farm owners to consult about the strategic vision for the farm and then implement that vision with a large degree of independence. Weekly tasks will include hosting a gathering of free laborers every weekend for 3 hours, planting, harvesting, collecting eggs, and working on a number of farm…

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