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Our inspiration for us to achieve our RBE Village that would be welcomed into society is to create a Co-op Village that has shops that teach & demonstrates, while also providing their Co-op Services that demonstrate our ways of living sustainably, A couple of hundred miles away is Silver Dollar City, These are the excerpts from their site to help you to understand our vision for our village,

Demonstrating Craftsmen What makes Silver Dollar City so unique? While the scenery, rides, food and atmosphere are all distinct, what really sets us apart are our demonstrating craftsmen. The effortless skill that these artisans display is breathtaking and worth the price of admission alone. Where else can you watch a woodworker carve life-like wooden figures or see a glassblower create delicate works of art or a candy maker craft incredible edibles right before your eyes? Silver Dollar City specializes in entertainment but we also…

We understand that it will probably start looking like this....

But this is the inspiration for our end results.

This is a perfect example of what we wanted for our existing digester.

Celine Kayser

I love the fact that she's always saying she loves her job!

Here's a playlist of Artisan Ideas

More Coverage of the other shops


    RBE Co-op Transition Village, Temple & Garden. We are rebuil...



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