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Going crazy trying to protect our new garden from these goats oh my gosh we bought the aviary netting got a good deal 20 bucks for each of the 7 ft x 100 ft and enclosed the orchard that we just planted thank you sparky and Charlotte by the way. We did have the mischief makers corralled in what we used pallets to build but they continuously escaped and are trying to get into the garden ripping holes into our new fence so we have to do electric just to get them under control until we can get our forest Farm established these plants are way too young and we spent a lot of money on them we can't not protect them so this is what I'm hoping that we'll be able to afford with my next disability check comes in a couple of weeks. If we get the longest…


    RBE Co-op Transition Village, Temple & Garden. We are rebuil...



    • Time is TBD | 'Coming Soon on Sundays! Air EcoJunk Meetup '

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