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Please consider using the treasures of salvage to create the tiny houses and cottages of the future as many rebuild, or start on a new simpler life for the times ahead. Thank you for sharing and supporting our goal of creating an example of houses, a village environment, and a means of teaching others how to create intentional communities you can be proud of. Join us to show your support, get benefits, discounts, and a chance to shop with us if you decide to take advantage of the packages of materials to build with once you join the subscription.

When you wan to speak out and can, by promoting a song. Want to say this too? Giving Tim a helping hand as they play a song to strike back at the "I"s who censor, shadowban, & attempt to stop Humans with Spirit from Lighting up the World! TINY TEXAS HOUSES NEWSLETTERDEC 16

I rarely recommend a song or buy anything, but this is a good way, sounds like a way to say these things that must be said. They are trying to get the filters of censorship of politics and stopping creativity by removing billboard rankings to keep the songs that could help unite the world off the air. Buy the song, it’s cheap to vote for a parallel economy in case the one in place breaks or refuses to monetize our work as artists. Let him know if you support artists being able to create and not be censored by unfair tactics that the cadre of people who censor control. Let us target unity, not divisiveness as some will do. Thank you for your support for communication, artistically, and freely, so as to make the world a better place. Nothing violent, obsene, or bad yet he gets censored as I have for years, for offering solutions and perspectives that form the dialogue which breaks the narrative. Support freedom of the press and internet, but also music, books, and writings by those of us who try to share. Brad W. Kittel 111 Salvage Way, Luling, Texas 78648


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