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Please consider using the treasures of salvage to create the tiny houses and cottages of the future as many rebuild, or start on a new simpler life for the times ahead. Thank you for sharing and supporting our goal of creating an example of houses, a village environment, and a means of teaching others how to create intentional communities you can be proud of. Join us to show your support, get benefits, discounts, and a chance to shop with us if you decide to take advantage of the packages of materials to build with once you join the subscription.

When you wan to speak out and can, by promoting a song. Want to say this too? Giving Tim a helping hand as they play a song to strike back at the "I"s who censor, shadowban, & attempt to stop Humans with Spirit from Lighting up the World! TINY TEXAS HOUSES NEWSLETTERDEC 16

Based on Russel Brands video below, where should prioritize the downloading of the content we have saved on our channel at the link below.

With potentially thousands of videos saved on our channel, it's crucial that we prioritize the downloading process effectively. By carefully considering the content and taking steps to ensure efficient and secure storage, we can safeguard these valuable resources for future use. Don't let this opportunity slip away - take action now to help us prioritize the downloading of our channel's content!

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Oct 22, 2023

I've got the first 24 hours of our silvopasture playlist downloaded already. I think food is very important so that's why I'm starting with it, then the next playlist will be construction



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