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ABOUT RREVDR First-of-its-kind, The Rogue River Eco-Village Destination Resort (RREVDR) is an iconic eco-village destination resort in development in southern Oregon to create an up-scale, off-the-grid, world's first smart grid sustainable green community of 450 green homes and a Coalition of 23 Green Businesses using the best green architectural designs and system technologies available. Location of the Land The RREVDE is located on 2,110 acres in some of the most spectacular rural, undeveloped land in southern Oregon, Jackson County between Central Point and Gold Hill on a beautiful scenic bend of the Rogue River. Herds of wild elk roam this undisturbed rural land. This land is only 5 minutes from Interstate 5 and 20 minutes from Medford. History of the Land In 2008, a previous development project on this land went bankrupt in a golf resort/1200 homes development. The golf developer spent considerable funding on many feasibility studies in various stages including water,…

Ivy Bickl
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