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See the biggest of a set of 3? Create w/ windows & doors: SpaceMagic the Tiny Texas Houses Way?

Doors & windows you could use to create a dreamy house that would last a lifetime w/o plastics, vinyl, or Sheetrock: instead using all wood. It tastes better as eye & brain candy feeding Spirit. TINY TEXAS HOUSES NEWSLETTERAPR 28∙PREVIEW SHARE A bathroom with shower, a kitchen, and more, a loft with a reading area under the sun. Plenty of space to live as a home, and a big ranch to raise cattle and for the grandkids to roam. Let us look at the windows and reflect upon our past and future with an eye on creating the best path possible for us and the planet as one goal. Why not build with salvaged jewels like these windows for cabinets in the kitchen in the Arts & Crafts style, handblown glass in great shape, or the sashes from some giant windows? Want the bottoms too? I think that I can get them for you. Shipping may be possible, not cheap, and Amazon, but the stuff you see is hard for me to imagine they would love.

Come and visit, stay the night, and design them into a tiny house with SpaceMagic Designs I can offer you when you pick the parts from the vast troves here. Let us know if you decide to create, and there is still a chance that it is not too late to use some dollars before they shrink some more, and you can't buy what you used to, darn. Thanks for sharing and helping others build out their organic cottages with salvaged parts so that you can win

over artistic hearts.

A moment to reflect upon the manifestation of this incredible space to call a home from the salvage of others houses built more than a century before wii repurposed the parts to live again. HAIL-Married April-May storms will destroy Tiny Houses on Wheels near you too. Yes, tis the season for tornados tracking down the magnets in mobile home parks that attract them and using RVs to repeat the Story of Oz as 2023 roars in from the freezes to the incredible breezes and hailstorms that race with record snows or more. If you decide to build better, not the kind that politicians do, but like Wii do in Tiny Texas Houses, examples built to guide others.

If you are living in a van, a THOW, or a tiny home built to modern standards in the factory with nothing thought about the hail that might come one day when you are in the coffin lofts with only 2 inches of a roof over your head. Ouch! Got your helmets handy? Oh yes, strap the houses down for the winds, do get around and pick them up, toss them over, move them here or there where found. Yes, I know this cause I saw my house nearly all. 6 houses were picked up, tossed about, and dropped like toys at play, dang near on my Grand Opening Day 2007.

The “Diamond House” sits next door for another grandparent to stay in too. With its Murphy bed it take advantage of space that the bigger one did not need in this case. Please be cautious though I know for many this will fail to show you what can happen if you don't, but watch TV, you will understand what I won't. Follow a good weatherman on the internet who will tell you as tornados rise or storms flood the homes. Stay in tune and be prepared but for those nomads on the road, take precautions and know where the ditches are to run to when tornado sirens/warnings flare. You do not want to be in there when they roll or fly on windpower!

Savor the freedom, the days, and the respect for Mother Nature when she is tossing in the winds that fall upon you world or wash it all away, my friends. Tiny Houses on Wheels are not made for sitting out tornados or heavy hailstorms inside of so pay attention to the weather, as this is a series of incredible record-breaking spells that will continue to get worse as the northern part of the global atmosphere fills with Sulfur Dioxide & particulates from volcanos, and slowly suffocates the Earth of the sunlight it needs to grow great food as wii once did. Savor the days of change and preparation, adaptation, and thrive when the times come to flourish again. I would love to see some others take over for I have halted building for others and the demand grows despite my saying no. Brad w. Kittel Start your Pure Salvage Outpost Co-op and inspire others to build locally instead of here too. See something that works for you, I am out to sell these rather than load them back in from picking them up from Gonzales, where the fire has been extinguished at the warehouses this weekend. Yes, triggering a new impetus to move out of the tens of thousands of square feet full of such treasures as you see, but for now, only me. Make an appointment to come with a list, currency of the day or a way to barter with talent or things. See the Substack platform for more information on barter/job opportunities as Wii partners with many talented people to take this to the next level and fund it with millions in tax-free materials to grow dreams and intentional villages around the world...


A place to swim, kayak, or play all dug out, includes bent...


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