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At our Gaian Co-op Villages, there are no employees. Instead, each member is an equal owner, sharing the responsibilities and benefits of the community Our businesses offer a wide range of job opportunities, including work in the factoryroasting, sanitation, etc.), warehouse operations (shipping and pallet repair), and office (general management, marketing & sales, accounting, etc.).There two ways to become a member of our Artisan Villagers - someone who runs village-owned shop or project, or Tradesmen - someone who owns and runs a shop or project.Non-Residential Villages - Village Co-op Members up to 2/3 off village products in exchange for their trash, out a few hours a month, and their shopping loyalty. If they were unable to help with LOL "Labor of Love", they receive only a 1/ discount.To become a Garden Co-op Member or Village tradesmen, must agree to meet monthly for a minimum of 3 hours to help with projects for LOL. We are open every weekend and will organize a monthly gathering.arden Co-op Members can join us on our farm with their own project plot exchange for 1/3 of the homestead production. They also receive free labor from other members, guidance and caretaking by our onsite Permacultur. Attendance is required based on your chosen projects - every weekend, every other, or monthly.To open a Co-op Trade Shop, Artisans receive up to 2/3 of shop proceeds when they help us produce quality sustainable-free products. They must be on-site for weekends. Raw materials will be from our EcoJunk or our forest farm.Our Gaian Living Fellowship Temple is being created for us to meet up every Sunday morning for our spiritual health wellness. We support people in body, mind, and spirit through meditation workshops At GLFT, we are open to all backgrounds who are dedicated to spiritual transformation, personal development, prosperity, and regaining health and wellness. Together, we provide guidance, support, and an action plan to open your heart and no define yourself through old mental patterns and start to act in a way that is more aligned with your true self.Our hours for the public are as follows:- Fridays by appointment only, from 12 noon till sunset- Saturdays Mornings - Earth-Gardens and critters meetup, Afternoons - Water-Village meetup- Sundays: Morning - Gaian Living Fellowship, Afterons - EcoJunk meetupSome of our Villages are Multiuseoned and can accommodate residential/tradeshop lots. Members who live on-site are included in membership with a lifetime lease. You must be 18 years of age older to make a purchase.

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