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Truck Driver

At our Gaian Co-op Villages, there are no employees.

Instead, each member is an equal owner, sharing the responsibilities and benefits of the community Our businesses offer a wide range of job opportunities, including work in the factory, roasting, sanitation, etc.), warehouse operations (shipping and pallet repair), and office (general management, marketing & sales, accounting, etc.).

To open a Co-op Trade Shop, Artisans receive up to 2/3 of shop proceeds when they help us produce quality sustainable-free products. They must be on-site for weekends. Raw materials will be from our EcoJunk or our forest farm.

There two ways to become a member of our Artisan Villagers -

Someone who runs village-owned shop or project,

or Pioneer-
someone who owns and runs a shop or project

.Remember some village are Non-Residential Villages. This means it's just a town with retail trade shops -

Village Co-op Members (no trade shop or project) up to 2/3 off village products in exchange for their trash, and helping out a few hours a month, along with their shopping loyalty.

If they were unable to help with LOL "Labor of Love", they receive only a 1/3 become a Garden Co-op Member or Village tradesmen, must agree to meet monthly for a minimum of 3 hours to help with projects for LOL. We are open every weekend and will organize a monthly gathering.

Garden Co-op Members can join us on our farm with their own project plot exchange for 1/3 of the homestead production. They also receive free labor from other members, guidance and caretaking by our onsite Permaculturist.

Attendance is required based on your chosen projects - every weekend, every other, or monthly.

Our hours for the public are as follows:
- Fridays by appointment only, from 12 noon till sunset

- Saturdays
Mornings - Earth-Gardens and critters meetup,
Afternoons - Water-Village meetup-

Morning - Gaian Living Fellowship,
Afteroons - EcoJunk meetup

You must be 18 years of age older to make a purchase.

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