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Forest Farm

Pioneer Position

  • 3 hr
  • $33.33 wkly Absences
  • Clubb, MO

Service Description

TO QUALIFY You are pledging to Attend 3 hours every weekend to Element Weekend Warrior Sessions. (You will be discounted up to 3 weeks a month for this attendance, so be sure to check in with your Elder. YOU AGREE TO Become a contributing member online in our WE Network with your Trade group to help teach as you can also learn as a collective and contribute to providing guidance onsite to other members that work as apprentices to learn. YOU AGREE TO Strive to build community fellowship in your state group with a descriptive post about your family, personal interests, past experiences, and your plans for home shops and gardens. Manage a team of community members 3 hours weekly for your projects (even personal or recreational) Currently, also at the property, we are building Earthship-styled solarium with aquaponics, plateau domestication, and forest farming, to hopefully create our dream of a Sustainable example for our community. I want to have it as a display. Currently hosting an up-cycling resale shop and community closet on-site to help with funding. Open by appointment only. We run as a co-op to teach sustainability and also a place to co-op our gardens livestock and upcycling center trying to mix mick dodge, bill nye the science guy, Mike Reynolds, and MythBusters. We want to build a precious plastics-based Eco junk center for us to research sustainable community development using Fresnel lenses to smelt, magnets to power, and show everyone how they can lower their cost of living while saving our world!

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • 6286 Wayne 216, Clubb, MO, USA

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