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Our Chinampa Path Progress...

Aminada Amudelia added 14 photos and 2 videos to the album: Clubb MO off the grid community.

Now that there is a good path going (not yet completed) to cross the marshland into the wooded creek area, spots have been opened up for camping sites on both sides of the creek. A Yeng Yang campfire site was created for enjoyment. Already listed for available camping through several websites. Creating a small income for the farm with successful happy bookings complete.

Ivy- The line of tires beside it is the 1st layer of three to complete the foundation wall for our large greenhouse in the future. We had a successful Eclipse fundraiser to get us a fence to get the goats working on clearing this area.

This is what we call our Hillbilly Parkour Don't step off the path or you sink!

Ivy-We have a couple of benches to sit on along the path

Ivy- The following photo is what we are working towards The gravel, that was placed so we can walk without sinking to our waste, in the future will covered in a wooden pathway. We are working on cleaning out the water ponds on both sides

After the Chinampa Path, there is a peaceful place to swing in our hammocks in a shady grove among cedar trees. This is a quiet area as we have found out there's a nest of Doves near. So please keep this a quiet area until you reach the next bridge.

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Eric Murphy

Looks like some good mushroom woods as well

Aminada Amudelia

Eric Murphy yes there are mushroom logs and patches setup

Dorothea Blakeman Hargrove

Donna Marie does this seem like a place for R.

I asked what exactly is this place. Waiting for a response. Maybe we can visit someday.

Aminada Amudelia

Dorothea Blakeman Hargrove We are building it into an off the grid eco friendly community

Donna Marie

Dorothea Blakeman Hargrove would love to check it out.


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