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Weekend Warriors needed for the Pink Moon for our Cooperative Eco Village

Hello animal lovers, nature enthusiasts, and creative individuals! Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to volunteer, connect with animals, get some exercise, be yourself in nature, and help create a beautiful community cooperative village garden, Chinampa Gardens, and a pioneer town for artisans? Join us in these fantastic projects and be a part of something truly special.

First, we are seeking volunteers to join us in creating the Forest Farm Animal Sanctuary and its Chinampa Gardens. Together, we will care forest farm animals, plant and maintain sustainable gardens, and create a harmonious environment where animals and nature can thrive in harmony.

If you are passionate about animal welfare, sustainable living, and gardening, we would love to have you on board. Additionally, we are also rebuilding a ghost town to be a co-op pioneer town for skilled artisans.

This pioneering project aims to restore historic buildings, set up co-op workshops, and create a vibrant Silver Dollar City type Co-op town where artisans can come together to create and thrive. If you have a flair for craftsmanship, a love for history, and a desire to be part of something, we invite you to join us.

To get involved in these projects please, join us as a weekend warrior. Let's work together to create a beautiful community garden, a sanctuary for animals, and a pioneer town where artisans bring their creativity to life. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

Campsites Available thru Air B& B

Discounted Sites For Members (You must be a contributing member through Patreon)

if these sites are booked just look at my profile on Air B&B to find an available one... TEXT me if you have trouble 636-243-8441


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